The Mountaineer is a volunteer created publication and is totally free. The HOA does not support it in any way. The printer we have always had uses advertiser fees to cover the expense of publishing. Due to reduction of readership in the Summer months the printer decided to "go dark" from May to September.  Consequently, the Mountaineer will not be printed nor mailed over the summer months. 

The issues will continue to be published, but will only be accessed online or in the office. If you know of someone who doesn't have Internet access, let them know that a printed version is available in the office. It will be located on the credenza in the Activities Office and may be read on premises only, unless one is willing to pay for printing.

Please remember that articles and pictures for the Mountaineer are encouraged from residents. Most editions are themed by the season or current events.

Articles should be created using the font Times New Roman, size 11 Deadline for submissions is the 25th of the month. 

If you are interested in proof reading or being a part of the Mountaineer team please contact Diana.
All submissions and communications should be sent via email using the Mountaineer email address:

If the Mountaineer will not open click on the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader Link here to install it on your computer.


Diana Jensen


Helen Sutt,      Barb Sebring,   Diana Jensen,
Marilee Pritchard   Pam Burks

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